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Hawaii Fishing News December 2022

E-Zine Volume 47 Number 12
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Mail Buoy

by Rene Umberger
Why a permanent ban on commercial collecting of fish for the aquarium trade makes sense.

Cover Story: Tail Tales - Battling Beauties

by Duane Nakano
Hooked into more than one freight train run in November, along dangerous lava with a 60-lb leader.


by Robert Duerr
Fish that climb waterfalls and predators that dine on invasive mullet make a Splash! this month.

Tail Tales - Sleigh Ride with a 320-lb marlin

by Jason Freitas
Kayaker's first marlin gives him a fight-and ride-to remember.

Maui Veterans Day Invitational 'Kayak Clash'

by Boo Baldovi
Hawai'i anglers can earn gift cards by providing the agency with mahimahi stomachs and data.

Breakthroughs on Striped Marlin Movements and Habitats

These sought-after billfish make long Pacific journeys-greater than we ever knew.

Coast Guard Cutter Returns After Encounter with Foreign Ships

by Homeland Security Today
KIMBALL returns home after being about a mile away from Chinese and Russian naval ships.

ISLAND OF MAUI - Lahaina Seawatch

by Donnell Tate
A feisty marlin boards the SHANNON K to win the annual Johnny Baldwin Halloween Shootout.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Hilo Seawatch

by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers celebrate 2022 and look to 2023; opportunities for fishers to speak up.

Holomua Initiative Brings Maui Fishers' Mana'o to the Fore

by Dan Dennison, DLNR
DLNR asks fishers to help navigate the future of fishing in Hawaii.

Archive Project: FISHING Hawaii Style - Illustrated Tips

by Jim Rizzuto
Enhancing your casting lures, dressing for improved performance, and leaders for light lures.

NOAA Study Explores Recreational Fishing in Hawai'i

by Justin Hospital, NOAA
Return your surveys & check out the latest economic contributions made by recreational shing.

12 Most Important Fishing Tips

by Allen Tsukamoto and HFN
See how many you can guess before looking at our list of favorites, as we look back on 2022.

Hawaiians' Indian Tribe Fishing Rights

by Robert Duerr
A concerned study of the impact of Hawaii's past & current federal permissions and terminology.

Game Bird Hunting Season Begins

by Richard Hoeflinger
Brian, Yankee and I kick off the season at Kapapala Ranch.

Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler

by Allen Tsukamoto
SEAson's Greetings ID, Fishy Chum and Finny Funnies to delight young and old.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers' Pages

by HFN Readers
HFN's avid anglers & hunters share favorite photos and adventures, as well as personal bests.

December Fishing Almanac: Tides & Moons, Time Charts & FAD Update

Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions, best times for fishing and more.