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August Issue

E-Zine Volume 47 Number 8
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100+ Club News

Kaua'i's Robert Shibukawa adds two of three lifetime 100+ ulua, joining the HFN "All Stars" Club.

Divers Prepare for Freediving Championships

by United States Freediving Federation
Hawai'i athletes will honor tradition and local culture at team's trip to Turkey this fall.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Hilo Seawatch

by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers and other news from the Hilo coast; homemade speargun lands a rare knifejaw.

Lead Tackle Ban Proposed

by American Sportfishing Association
American Sportfishing Association speaks out against lead tackle restrictions.

Protecting Our Keiki from Lead Exposure

State outreach program helps the fishing community understand the risks with lead.

Tail Tale - Solo Kayaker vs. 100+ Ahi

by Devan-Allan Inouye
Friendship means no fisher, catch or kayak gets left behind, especially when battling a monster.


by Robert Duerr
A rare Cuvier's beaked whale, IGFA Hall of Fame, Laupahoehoe ramp update, and more...

Drone Bill Update

by Camie Foster Klum
DLNR is in the planning stage for the permit program, for the bill banning drone use for fishing.

Help Missing Gear Make Its Way Home

by Gabe Nelson, HOST
Hawai'i Ocean Safety Team (HOST) provides a new easy way to track lost gear.

Mail Buoy

by Wayne Umlauf
Avid waterman and retired marine surveyor shares his safety tips.

Communications Tools Get More Effective

by Rich Armstrong & Mark Corke, BoatUS
All-in-one tech helps boaters communicate quickly, seek help and access information on the fly.

Fishing Education for All: Get Set Up for Success

by Jason Mehlinger, DAR
The state Division of Aquatic Resources offers a host of free educational resources for all ages.

ISLAND OF MAUI - Lahaina Seawatch

by Donnell Tate
Two captains share recent exciting battles aboard the EXACT II and HINATEA, with huge marlin and ahi.

Fisheries Management Update:

Requests remedies to long standing issues, and invites volunteer members to guide and prioritize.

A Strategic Take on Tackling Invasive Species

by Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Outdoor recreation community leaders form a national commision to limit aquatic invasive species.

Fly Your Flags with Pride and Accuracy

by Donnell Tate
Know the fish flag protocols for your next hookup to that dream catch.

Garden Island Trollers' Father's Day Tournament

by Michael Oishi
Every one of the participants had lots of family fun and plenty of fish, for sharing lots of photos.

Fresh Catch of the Day

by the Fishwife
Ahi season is in full swing so here are a few ways to enjoy Hawai'i's favorite fish.

Kidtime Adventure & Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler

by Allen Tsukamoto
Sea Search, Fishy Chum and Finny Funnies to delight young and old.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers' Pages

by HFN Readers
Local anglers share their fishing vacation adventures, as well as personal best fish caught near home.

HFN Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar

Summer tournaments are almost done. Try out the virtual tournaments and Fall season events.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations

Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, out-of-season warnings, weather predictions & best times for fishing.